Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Room Concept map:

This map lays out all of the building potentials for the different "classes" of structure. For instance

Upper Left - Magic - These room spaces provide research quarters for excelling in the intricate and arcane art magic would be, observetories to examine the stars, and magical chambers which can carry out tangeble actions through what can be described as spell or ritual practices.

Upper Right - Militancy - These rooms support a well established military, a animal husbandry, and improved blacksmithing and forging abilities. A society with a heavy amount of these rooms would resemble a war driven Sparta.

Lower Left - Faith - These rooms allow for warship of a demigod, a deity, an all ruling god, or the universe in general (panthiesm). These structures imply that your people are all looking towards the same goals, beleive strongly in the same things, and strive to refine a moral existence.

Lower Right - Syndicate - Syndicate structures revolve around commerce and professions using their talents in other then ordinary ways in order for the player to succeed over their adversaries. For instance a print house can provide news to its people, while controlling the perspective of a leader.

You are not allowed to build all of these structures, not only would some of them be redundant, but also their is too high a volume of rooms at that point. The player, instead of having to build to their limits, has a smaller limit, and is forced to refine their building structures, making it more about strategy and less about speed of building. 100 % is the max, investing in every structure of one tree gives you 100%.