Monday, August 16, 2010

Coastal 3

The Ocean is finally finished for now. Its properties work well with the system I am conceiving at the moment, and its change will only be a requirement if there are future problems with other land types (mountains, forests, plains).

The Yellow borders represent coastal properties, these are land nodes influenced directly by the ocean.

At this point I plan on hitting Mountains and Forests next, then perhaps I will return to intricate water bodies like rivers and lakes.

Coastal 2

Here's a video I did a bit ago showing the variance in coastal properties. I have been coding this segment to be flexible so although it shows random generations, there are parameters which can be edited later for user input.

In this example I control the number of sides in which the continent is covered in Ocean. This will enable players to choose if it is an island, peninsula, coastal, or land locked.
I got the code to restrict the ocean limits so that the ocean exists in one section of the map, and not broken up everywhere. This way bodies of water bleeding off the map in random places do not suggest a broken continent.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Coastline 1

This Video Shows my first experiment with a variable coast line. It contains limits of creation in the center (based around a circle) and random numbers determining whether the ocean is more towards the center, or towards the edge.

My next step would be to unify the ocean more so that it comes from only 1 side.