Friday, April 23, 2010

Ilustrated Anthology of Sorcery, Magic, and Alchemy

The illustrated Antholgy of Scorcery, Magic, and Alchemy is essential to my production of this game. I have been raised on a very stylistic and exported version of magic. Essentially as I see it mediums have taken what magic was and augmented to fit their own narrative schemes and molded the vocabulary into something which is completely detached from its origin. I don't find that there is anything wrong with this because magical things cant essentially be wrong (the beauty of magic). However if I were to design my game off of someone else's interpretation, its a filtering. I would rather continue research into how magic was perceived in medieval and prevues times, and figure out my own vocabulary for these interactions which are unique to my world. This allows me to repackage magic (another great thing about broad themes).

My favorite sections of this book

1. I have always had an interest in Alchemy for the lessons it teaches. Not only that a popular form of science should penetrate society so boldly, but also that it brought about a mini age of belief, symbolism, and art. The word alchemy has been disambiguated though most modern medieval fantasy games. They would usually switch alchemists with Apothecaries. Where to have an alchemical skill in games would imply your ability to make potions. I wish be accurate when it comes to these things, and be able to take the meanings of our world and transpose them within my game world, not completely misconstrue them.

2. Hearing of the role of magic in some tribal societies then. It was viewed as a healing device, a spiritual device. Magic and modern fantasy games would put it, is in charge of things incapable by us, and more broadly capable of all things awe inspiring. Its a mini portal to becoming a god. Magic back then was used to explain things unexplainable, but also it was rooted in the important things of its day. They found good health important. Where magic in modern days might involve hurling fireballs at people, so those games find that violence is important. I want the role of magic (one of the 4 paths of the society in my game) to reflect the abilities of play and to be balanced with the other paths (militancy, faith, syndication).

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