Sunday, November 14, 2010

Game mechanics and coding today

For the game mechanics I have been having some ideas to involve the towns in a more interesting way. Through the players investment in a town, they can improve its quality though the construction of objects around it such as walls, roads, granaries, or universities, which in turn makes the town more profitable to the player. This relationship of town to player is fundamentally at this games core, because in order for a player to expand at their own settlement, these kind of interactions must take place, and since multiple players can invest in a single town, this should spur up some conflict for control, as well as some team work in order to improve its quality.

Just some Ideas as to how I will draw mountain ranges, something which will overlay on top of the map, the squares act as a center point for the map symbols.

And although its subtle, the nodes are now modified by the sun, yes the sun.

There is a slight brightness difference in the nodes to represent cooler or hotter climates, further away from the equator.

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