Friday, October 22, 2010


So, these are the first 3 mountain generations, I am happy that the system is able to create interesting and dynamic combinations. I am starting to imagine how the mountains (a landform which takes longer to move across and obscures vision, can become almost like sticky glue or high walls. They create corridors and valleys which I think will prove to influence someone's strategy greatly.

The difference between these pictures and the mountain ones below, is that these are aware of their quantity, I want the system to divvy up the land nodes (anything that isn't blue) into around 4 equal parts, for each land node. Hybrid nodes count as .5 of a count for each.

By the way, Orange is half coastal, half mountain.
when its against the water it becomes a cliff, when a river runs through a mountain chain, it becomes a canyon. Hybrid nodes are are great battlefields because potentially both forces can be good at fighting on them.

The difference between canyon and cliffis not rule based, however If I need to source it for a scene, it would be good to know the difference, the hue is 1 point off.

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